Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drawing From Life

I've been told writers should have interesting life experiences from which to draw their creative juices. My six husbands made great characters - a motorcycle racer, a hard-hat diver, an actor/bartender, a Hawaiian chef...unfortunately none were very good husband material!

I lived in a variety of places - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, six cities in Florida, and six months in Baja California before returning to California and finally moving to Texas in 1981.

To subsidize my writing I found work as a waitress, bookkeeper, go-go dancer, car salesperson, retail salesperson, a psychiatric assistant, and legal and corporate secretary.

All I wanted to do is write mysteries and screenplays from the age of reason and dreams. I optioned three screenplays to a production company and a fourth was a finalist in the Empire Screenwriting Contest. I served two busy years as chapter president of Mystery Writers of America, Southwest Chapter, and currently serves as their treasurer and newsletter editor. I'm also a member of The Final Twist, the Houston chapter of Sisters in Crime.

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